May 082015

A blossom walk at Sheppy’s Cider

Apple blossom coalescing in a puddle

Apple blossom coalescing in a puddle

I spent a blustery hour wandering around Sheppy’s cider orchards yesterday morning, during a gap in the showers. Needless to say, the weather was too rough for any pollinating insects to be out, in fact there was a disheartening amount of blossom being blown off the branches! Hopefully a more settled week ahead…

It’s interesting to see the three different orchards, reflecting how the management and growing of apples has changed over time.

Sheppy's new post and wire cider orchard intensive m26

Sheppy’s new post and wire cider orchard, the modern way!


Sheppy's mm106 cider orchard

Sheppy’s mm106 cider orchard, planted 1975

Sheppy's standard cider orchard m25

Sheppy’s traditional standard cider orchard

















Apple blossom Sheppy's cider

Not sure of the variety, but this block of mm106 cider trees were looking particularly beautiful.


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