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Oct 182013

Cyder Making: Collecting the Apples…

Snapshot 2013-10-18 22-44-47

Stage 1: Mow the grass….don’t want to lose your apples in the 2ft sward!
Stage 2: Give your apples a good talking to – tell ’em who’s bossSnapshot 2013-10-18 22-40-32
Stage 3: Utilise a long handled tool to coax them down… in this instance, I’ve opted for an antique soil cultivator…. of course, antique tools are not obligatory






Stage 4: it will inevitably get to the stage of climbing ...

Stage 4: It will inevitably reach the point where climbing is the only remaining option….

Snapshot 2013-10-18 22-50-27

Stage 5: Shake!




Oct 082013

Buckerell Apple Day

apple talk

a little lesson in pruning…

We had a lovely afternoon at Buckerell’s first Apple Day last Sunday! I went along with a few apple trees to sell from Adam’s Apples, gave a quick talk on choosing good varieties for the garden and provided a little tutorial on pruning old apple trees. And the sun shone down like a summers day!

There was some delectable cider to be quaffed courtesy of Berry Farm Cider and I had more than my fair share of leftovers from the apple cake competition…